You know your sh*t. And you also know that knowing isn't the full equation.

It's not a matter of mastery whether you'll turn your dreams into reality; your mastery is there, and we both know that. It's the basic requirement - and you're not a person who vibes on the frequency of only doing the bare minimum, right?

What the work we're doing truly is about, goes deeper. It'll initiate you into a 360° metamorphosis of your identity and brand.

Who you were got you here, but it won't necessarily get you there.

My work isn't about guiding you into your genius. You're clear about this. Working with me will have you refine it and, most importantly, get out of your own way - so you can finally live out that genius that'll shatter the world, fully.

I‘m ready, sign me up!

 It takes some, though. Are you ready to master that?

Apply for your YB 1:1 Experience, now
Apply for your YB 1:1 Experience, now
Apply for your YB 1:1 Experience, now
Apply for your YB 1:1 Experience, now
Apply for your YB 1:1 Experience, now
Apply for your YB 1:1 Experience, now
Apply for your YB 1:1 Experience, now
Apply for your YB 1:1 Experience, now

The Conqueress


         6 or 12 month commitment

Stepping into your (multi) 6 or 7 Figure Era demands you to step it up - in how you lead yourself, your business, and your people. It requires you to disrobe from facets that aligned with who you needed to be to arrive here but don't match where you're heading anymore. Stepping into your next Era commands you to cross the threshold into the unknown - and to support yourself as you leave behind what can no longer accompany you. It is an intense and intimate process, a metamorphosis even. You yearn to be supported, held, seen, and solidly guided through everything it entails. You could journey through it alone. But you desire to walk together. And we can - your perfectly matching 1:1 package already awaits you.


The Icon


          3-4 months duration

„Biz is doin' well" ain't where you wanna let it end? I get you - and we've got you.

Here for more? This Package is for you. Over the timespan of a quarter, we'll quench your brand's thirst for that high ticket, high level makeover that'll attract high value, happy-to-pay clients smoother than your skin feels after a deeply soothing hydrafacial.

Exclusive signature features like:
· Your personalized IT Factor Profiling
· Weekly Authority Content Co-Creation Labs
· And done-for-you brand assets by our in-house designer [VIP Option]

Make this package the ultimate GLOW UP experience for your brand, business, and bank account.

Apply & get on the Waitlist

Luxury Experience Curation & Creative Direction


          12 Weeks project duration

Host a YB-Standard Experience - with your name on it. At YB, we are known in this industry for our exceptional, extraordinary luxury experiences that position your brand right where it belongs: at the top. Be it a multiple-day 1:1 VIP experience or a luxurious one-day group event, our Luxury Experience Curation Service was created with busy CEOs like you in mind, those who can't be bothered with increasing their workload to also plan and organise complex events.

We get it... you desire to offer the ultimate luxury and receivership to your clients, which simultaneously strengthens your brand and boosts your market authority and rulership - all without crowding your schedule further. Your Zone of Genius doesn't encompass Experience Curation, but fortunately, ours aligns perfectly with it. Inquire today, receive a quote, and feel your heart warm up as you watch us bring the ultimate luxury experience of your and your clients' dreams to life - while you enjoy the unmatched luxury and receivership of not having to lift a finger.


the standard of celebration in my world

Only selling high-ticket because your audience wants nothing less or selling multiple 6-figure packages - what's your order, today?

Frequently Asked Questions

Great question! In coaching, my role is to support and guide you towards finding the answers yourself. I achieve this by leading with questions rather than providing direct responses. This approach strengthens your self-efficacy and autonomy immensely. Coaching aims to help you evolve and expand as the individual behind the 'CEO' title, allowing you to better embody the role.

In mentoring, I lead with experience. You ask - I respond, very directly to your question. It is way more implementation-focused and we follow a way more laser-focused roadmap that we create when starting to work together, based on where you're at and where you want to go.

To summarize: Coaching is the room of limitless expansion, it is the space to bring your all and receive the holistic support that develops internal and opens up external resources that'll let you move forward and grow. You want to choose this package for expansive conversations, breaking through limitations and expanding horizons.

The 'done-with-you' mentoring, on the other hand, is focused on a core topic and is dedicated to its fulfillment exclusively.

I'll thoroughly read through it and get back to you within 72 hours, letting you know whether the package you applied for is a perfect fit for you or not. If it is, we will likely schedule a final Vibe Check Call - and from there, if both of us agree, our journey can start.

You'll sign our agreement, pay the investment or begin your payment plan, and the transformation will commence.

We always have the option to agree on a payment plan. However, as per the requirements, some packages might not start before a certain amount has been paid / deposited. You can find the specific terms per package in the application forms.

Then I invite you to make the empowered decision for the Future of your Brand, Business and Bank Account that you came here for.

 I'm ready!

Got all Qs answered?

Remember: Choice not chance determines your destiny. Take it into your own hands, now. 


You're here to have it all!

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